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Roof Top Solar Plant And Photo Voltaic Power Station In Bangalore

Sun provides 15000 times more energy than consumed all over the world.  Hence, solar power is fast becoming a lucrative alternative for depleting and increasingly expensive fossil-fuel based power. NowadaysSolar Panel Electricity Systems are being used to capture sun’s energy for generating electricity for various applications and thereforeES Electronics has ventured into supply of Solar Photovoltaic and Solar Thermal systems for various applications.

Type of Solar Modules

Images of solar pannels solar-pannels solar pannels

Grid Connected Solar PV System

On Grid Solar PV System

Off Grid Solar PV System


  1. Maximum utilization of Solar Energy
  2. No mechanically moving parts
  3. Clean, quiet and Environment friendly
  4. Excellent illumination
  5. Can be permitted and installed faster than any other types of renewable power plants


Economic and Social Benefits

  1. Sunlight is free
  2. Lasting and less operating & maintenance cost
  3. Electricity generated can be stored and used  later
  4. No disturbance to regular operations
  5. No additional cost for disposal of roof sealing
  6. Frees from foreign oil dependence
  7. Strengthening of the economy
  8. Government provides incentive for solar system users

Solar Power and Lighting Applications

solar Street Lights Solar Pannel Streets image-solar-pannel Images of solar pannels

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