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What is a Servo Stabilizer?

Servo Stabilizer In Bangalore

The Servo Stabilizer utilizes a motor driven variable auto transformer and a Buck\Boost transformer which is connected between the incoming phase supply and the load. Because of this motorization, there is small delay in voltage correction. This type of technology is very effective considering large three phase applications, as it is able to maintain its accuracy of all three phases, both line to line and line to neutral, irrespective of input voltage.

Types of Design Topologies:-

  • Single Phase Input & Single Phase Output. Its application is where input supply & load output are single phase operated.
  • Three Phase Input and Three Phase Output (Balanced load). Example of such publications are 3 Phase Motor, CNC Machines, Coloured Offset Printing Press, Excalators and Elevators
  • Three Phase Input & Three Phase Output (Unbalanced Load). Examples of such applications are Medical Equipments, Industrial Loads, Lighting Load applications and Air Conditioning plant.

Salient Features:-

  • Micro controller control Module
  • Display Module
  • Protection
  • Output Time Relay
  • Low voltage cut off
  • High voltage cut off
  • Efficiency of 97 to 99% achievable
  • East of maintenance
  • All weather operations


  • Controlled & Constant Voltage
  • Reduced Failure Rate Of Electrical Equipments
  • Reduction in the Downtime / Maintenance Expenses
  • Mprovement in the Power Factor
  • Reduction in the MDI (Maximum Demand) MDI = Rating of the equipment / Power Factor X Efficiency
  • Immediate Response to Input Transient Surges
  • Energy Saver-Reduction In Power Wastage (Lower Electricity Bills)
  • 100% Depreciation can be claimed under Income Tax Rules being Energy Saver Equipment

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