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LED light is a new kind of energy-saving lamps to replace traditional lamps. Traditional lamps (tungsten lamp) owns some distinguished features like high energy consumption, short life, which are out of date and gradually been forbidden by most of countries. LED light has become the new green and perfect lighting choice in the aspects luminous principle, energy-saving and environmental protection.

LEDs offer benefits such as small size, long lamp life, low heat output, energy savings and durability. They also allow extraordinary design flexibility in color changing, dimming and distribution by combining these small units into desired shapes, colors, sizes and lumen packages. Currently, relatively low overall light output, poor color rendering and questions about advertised service life may indicate that LEDs, while very useful in many applications, are not yet ready for “prime time” in some architectural applications.


  • Robust design makes it shock and vibration resistant
  • Unique lampshade design and the lens avoids the brightness wastage
  • Low power Energy Efficient
  • High luminosity output
  • Uniformity in brightness
  • More than 85% efficiency
  • Optimum heat dissipation
  • LEDs make alternate energy much more viable
  • Maintenance free


  • Low Power Consumption
  • Not sensitive to low temperature and humidity
  • Do not contain toxic Mercury
  • Reduction in CO2 emission, sulfur oxide and high-level nuclear waste
  • High Brightness - Up to 170 Lumens which is 8 times more than the incandescent lamps.
  • More optical efficiency
  • East installation reduces labour cost
  • Turns on instantly
  • Extended lifespan up to 50,000 Hours – 50 times more than the conventional tungsten wire lamp
  • Highly durable
  • Due to reflector light spreads over larger space
  • No light pollution and insect sensitivity

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