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Energy Monitoring System GSM/GPRS Based

Energy Monitoring System GSM/GPRS Based

 GPRS And GSM Based Energy Monitoring System

With the help of the GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) information transmission technology; the Energy Monitoring System can remote monitor electric devices (i.e., electricity meter box). When devices are opened, the system can identify their location and transmit information to the monitoring center through GPRS. By the use of software application developed, we can observe and study the readings appearing in the meter, download the data, generate online reports.

ES Electronics have taken up manufacture and supply of Energy Monitoring Systems, based on GSM technology.

Database and Application

Energy Monitoring System GSM/GPRS Based

Key Features

  • Complete Energy Parameter Monitoring on in one screen
  • Individual Parameters like Voltage, Current, PF
  • Phase Wise Reading
  • RMS Values
  • Daily Log Sheet Downloading Facility
  • Unit Consumption Report can be Created by yourself
  • Every two to three minutes reading capture facility
  • Generator parameter monitoring facility
  • 60 days data archive in our server to download any time
  • SMS Alert for 80% Load reached
  • SMS Alert for PF load & Units consumed by monthly reports
  • Other SMS Alerts based upon Customer request      


  • Remote monitoring
  • Worldwide roaming and secured data
  • Extensive spectrums available
  • Call back and SMS facility for Alerts
  • Helps commercial and industrial organizations use and manage Energy Consumption efficiently
  • Reduction in investment for Energy procurement and cash flow generation
  • Stop misuse of utilities
  • Save Energy, reduce pollution and carbon emission

Our Clients

  • toyota
  • tcs
  • suzuki
  • SAP
  • philips
  • pepsi
  • panasonic
  • nissan
  • nissan
  • nestle
  • Microsoft
  • mercedez benz
  • mc donalds
  • LG
  • icici bank
  • cadbury
  • hp
  • IBM
  • Honda
  • GE
  • Bridgestone
  • Alstom
  • Accenture
  • ABB