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Energy saver of lightning load

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Thyristorized Energy Savers

The thyristorized ES~25 Energy Saver is a Microcontroller based Energy Saver Panel which has power and control electronics in the system to collect the input voltage profile and automatically adjust the energy saver tap accordingly to the phase computer settings to the desired tap voltage level.


The system has phase computer and power thyristor to adjust the individual phase independently and turn on the power electronics only when AC sinusoidal waveform is zero during variation in the voltage topology.

This technology has greater reliability and ensures greater energy savings by eliminating the heat loss due to higher input voltage level without any disturbance on the load parameters.


Working Scheme

Enery Saver Device

System Features and Benefits

  • Greater energy savings during input voltage fluctuation on higher side
  • No moving parts and wear & tear
  • User-friendly settings
  • Time based higher voltage ignition method
  • Password protected
  • Individual phase voltage correction
  • Over/Under voltage protection 

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