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Energy Saver For Motive Load And HPSV In Bangalore

Three phase AC induction motors are probably the most common type of three phase load and are used in a variety of equipment including refrigeration, pumps, air conditioning, conveyor drives as well as their more obvious applications. The de-rating effects of overvoltage and three phase imbalance on AC motors are well known. Excessive overvoltage results in saturation of the iron core, wasting energy through eddy currents and increased hysteresis losses. Drawing excessive current results in excess heat output due to copper losses. The additional stress of overvoltage on motors will decrease motor lifetime. Avoiding overvoltage high enough to cause saturation does not reduce efficiency so substantial energy savings can be made through reducing iron and copper losses. However, motors designed for the nominal voltage (e.g. 400V) should be able to cope with normal variation in voltage within the supply limits(+/-10%) without saturation, so this is unlikely to be a significant problem. The ES-25 Motor Energy saving system will match the impedance by optimizing  the voltage, suppress the harmonics and improve the overall power factor which results in saving up to 15% depending on the source voltage condition and power quality of the system.

Reducing voltage to an induction motor will slightly affect the motor speed as slip will increase, but speed is mainly a function of the supply frequency and the number of poles. Motor efficiency is optimum at reasonable load (typically 75%) and at the designed voltage, and will fall off slightly with small variations either side of this voltage. Larger variations affect efficiency moreVery lightly loaded motors (<25%) and small motors benefit most from r voltage optimizing..


Motive Load


Exhaust Fans,Ventilators,DOL start motors,AHUs,Compressors,FCUs and other motors 240/415 V AC Supply.

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